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Available Medications

For prescription refills, please call us at 260-338-5303 to leave a secure voicemail any time of day.

The NACS Health and Wellness Center has access to many of the most prescribed medications in generic form for both acute and chronic conditions. Medications are provided to you free of charge for all NACS health plan members, as well as spouses and dependents on the health plan.


Medications are available in the below categories. If you have questions about specific medications, please contact the Center to speak with a provider.

• Allergy/Asthma/Cold

• Antibiotic/Antifungal/Antiviral

• Diuretic

• Depression/Anxiety

• Diabetes

• Male Health/Female Health

• Migraine

• Osteoporosis/Arthritis

• Nutrition

• Gastrointestinal

• Hypertension/Heart Disease

• Thyroid

• Lipid Management

• Eyes

• Topicals

• Musculoskeletal/Pain


The NACS Health & Wellness Center is not a pharmacy, so your current doctor cannot just write a prescription and have it filled at the Center.  The attending doctor at the Center has to actually issue the prescription.  Therefore, have your doctor contact the Center.  When the two doctors communicate, the transition of getting the prescription drug through the Center is much smoother, and the doctor at the Center will be educated when you see him about the prescription.




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