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Here's what patients are saying about Parkview's On-site Wellness Coaching:








"My husband and I both got a lot of good tips for healthier eating and life style changes.  We already thought we were eating well, but found new challenges."



"I was unaware of the errors I was making when I purchased something that said “healthy” on the package. I also knew that white foods were often not good for you, but didn’t really have the factual data to understand why.  Now that I know I can easily resist the Texas Road House Dinner rolls.  I never thought that would be possible!"



"Thank you for all your work in making us mindful of healthy living".



"I just got my health screening results, and my cholesterol is 26 points lower than last year’s assessment.  I know that is in large part due to the class I took with you over the summer.  Thanks so much for sharing your expertise!"



"Since I've started exercising and eating healthier I have felt so much better. And actually the chips, doughnuts, mini candy bars and Little Debbie snacks don't taste as good any more! :) Thank you for teaching our class and helping me in my life style change! Looking forward to learning more"



“My husband and I are grateful for the services that the Health Coach at our clinic has been providing over the past year. We feel as though there is so much information regarding health and wellness in the media and we like the fact that we can bring our questions and concerns to our weekly meeting. I am thrilled that the information we have received is helping us make informed decisions regarding our health.


As a result, we now feel we are making healthier choices in our everyday lives. With these choices we have been able to set some long term, as well as short term, goals for ourselves. Our choices are not always a reflection of what the scales say, but that is okay for now. We also like that our weekly meetings hold us accountable.


Our health coach is very open and honest and is not afraid to say she needs to research a question if she does not know the answer. We feel that these traits make her personable, easy to talk with and approachable.


We have suggested the Health Coach (and will continue to mention the program) to many of our co‐workers who are looking for a change in their everyday routines, and are looking for ways to make healthier choices. “– NACS secretary



“As educators we seem to always put everyone else ahead of ourselves. Our students, the parents, the sports we coach, and sometimes second jobs seem to occupy much of our time. Then we go home to our own households and give some more. We get wrapped up in what we do, and what we have to do, that we put our own needs last.


The health coaching appointments give you one time a week that the focus can be all about you, and what you need do to maintain or get back to a healthier life style. In the one‐on‐one sessions for health coaching we discussed food plans that met my vegetarian needs, and also discussed various, and reasonable, exercise plans that fit my lifestyle.


I had tried to lose the weight I wanted to lose on my own, but the accountability factor of the health coaching made the difference. I am really happy with my results.” – NACS teacher



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